Garbage Disposal Dos and Don’ts

Garbage Disposal Dos and Don’ts

Contrary to very popular belief– and we promise, it’s really, extremely popular– not every little thing can be chewed up by your garbage disposal. We can’t tell you the number of times we get called out for a waste disposal unit repair due to the fact that someone put something down the drain that just can’t be grinded down by their disposal. So here is our definitive list of what you can and cannot take down your garbage disposal.garbage disposal repair contact us

Exactly what You Cannot Put Down the Garbage Disposal

It is most likely more important to let you know exactly what you cannot put in your waste disposal before we start on what you can. Your disposal has an effective motor, however that doesn’t indicate everything needs to be tossed down there. In basic, you don’t desire to put anything down your waste disposal that might trigger it to jam or catch– such as stringy or coarse veggies.

Below’s a list of what you should not take down the disposal:

Grease, oil, or fat.
Big food products– remember, anything that enters into your disposal likewise has to travel with your pipelines without causing an obstruction.
Pasta and rice– huge quantities of pasta or rice will expand while in your pipes and can cause a substantial issue.
Fibrous materials– these stringy vegetables can wrap themselves around the cutters of your waste disposal unit and cause it to breakdown.
Corn husks.
Anything larger than fish bones– chicken bones, turkey bones, and so on.

What You Can Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

There are a great deal of things people will inform you that you shouldn’t take down your waste disposal, but with appropriate amounts of water, you can put virtually any non-fibrous food down your disposal. However, it’s exceptionally important that you make use of enough water to hold your ground up meals scraps far from your disposal and from your pipelines. Sometimes, this indicates permitting the water to compete a minute after throwing away of a foodstuff, such as meat.

Here’s a list of things you can put in your disposal– as long as there’s an ample amount of water running:

Meat scraps– you can only dispose of percentages of meat, and it’s crucial that you leave the water running long enough that it will clean away all the scraps so they don’t get trapped and rot.
Eggs and egg shells.
Coffee grounds.
Fruits– citrus fruits can really assist freshen up your trash disposal if it’s beginning to stink.

Good luck.

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